Learning programming

Most people when they first start learning programming they have lot of questions:

  • Which language should I learn?
  • Should I buy a book?
  • Should I enroll in an online course?

There is no single answer to all those question. It’s even likely that there is no clear cut answer to any of those question, even for a specific person.

But there are a few hints that can help

  • For many people, learning by doing is the best approach: try to find a book or tutorial that gets you to build small programs.
  • Try to find a good mix of learning, doing exercises and working on a small project.

Your own pet project




We’re open for suggestions

We are looking for good tutorials for learning:

  • C++ and Qt
  • C++ and cmake
  • C

We prefer free tutorials (Creative commons, GPL, …), or at least for free, but we also list commercial resources when they are worth the money.