Learning Python


If you want to learn programming, python is a good language to start with.

The OpenTechSchool has a list of Python workshops. If you want us organize one, just ask for it!

There are several online resources we are currently recommending:

Online courses

Intermediate and advanced

Python and PyGame

You can directly dive into PyGame, or first learn the educational frameworks PyGame Zero or Pygame Play.

Python, Jupyter and data science

A good introductory exercise:

  • Requirements: Know about lists, for loops and objects.
  • Install Jupyter.
  • Create an Excel file with four columns: Name, Address, Post Code, Place.
  • Use Pandas to read the Excel file.
  • Take the Address, Post Code and Place columns and create a list of strings (“Address, Post Code Place”).
  • Use Geopy to convert the address into latitudes and longitudes.
  • Use iPyLeaflet for displaying the coordinates on a map.


Python and Qt

Virtual Environments

We’re open for suggestions

We are looking for good tutorials for learning:

  • Python and Flask
  • Python and PySide / PyQt
  • Python and Shoebot
  • Python and Scribus / Inkscape