Last hot evening for this summer?

Co-Learning on Stempber 4th

ale: finished porting my scribus applyStyle plugin to the new namespace based architecture and read about creating plugins for c++ application (the best solution seems to be to use the Qt based code)

Ricardo: Re-studied the Kaggle 7 day challenge

katrin: Han d’Architektur für e bluetooth App z’fade g’schlage - Halleluja!! S nöchschte Mal wird ich mit de Implementierig in Visiual Studio mit Xamarin aafang.

به نام خدا، من جعفر هستم، امشب اولین شبی است که به شروع به آموختن برنامه ++C کردم. آموخته های امشب من منجمله: نوشتن کد های برای جمع،تفریق، و تقسیم اعداد بود.

jo: I attended the meeting :)

Luca: I forked Richard’s repository we used in the last weeks to learn mongoDB and C++. I recompiled the mongocxx driver on linux and acheived to compile and run the Qt app.

Francesco: cleanup vulkan project to load maybe again textures but unfortunately not today

Lars: I’m attempting to write a small book on learning algorithms and data structures. I worked a bit on the table of contents and the basic layout of each chapter. I also started drafting some sample content for one chapter to see how it looks.

Marta: I have been moving forward with the course: and enjoyed the evening in great company :-)